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COTI’s Treasury Whitepaper

Two weeks ago we announced COTI’s Growth Plan, to bind everything that we do and new things that we are planning to do, into one coherent system and evolve our offering from payments to a fully-encompassing next-generation financial system.
As part of the ecosystem, we introduced the COTI Treasury, which is the core of the ecosystem.

COTI’s Treasury is an algorithmic and decentralized pool of $COTI where users can deposit $COTI and be rewarded for their participation. The pool grows over time as the entire ecosystem pays fees, directly or indirectly, to the Treasury. When a user deposits (stake) $COTI into the Treasury, he is entitled to a share of the Treasury that grows over time as the pool collects more and more fees from the COTI ecosystem.

We are now excited to share with you the COTI’s Treasury Technological Whitepaper. In this Whitepaper, you can read all about the COTI Treasury ecosystem, the Treasury components and where APY comes from, Troves and positions, growth and early adopter incentives, risks, fees, liquidation mechanism, types of tokens in the ecosystem, and more.

Read COTI’s Treasury whitepaper here:

Stay COTI!

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Technical whitepaper:




In the decentralized economy of the future, there will be a need for decentralized payment platforms - Our vision is to allow users to exchange value as easily and as freely as it is to exchange information over the internet.

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