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Don’t miss out COTI’s limited community pre-sale!

  • Save the date: LIMITED Community pre-sale starting on May 21!
  • COTI in the news
  • Partnership with globaliD
  • Interview with Dr. Nir Haloani, COTI’s CTO
  • Technology team’s updates

Save the date! LIMITED community pre-sale starting on May 21!

Due to a great demand to participate in COTI’s private sale, we are no longer certain we’ll hold a public sale. However, we have decided to allow our community a chance to participate in COTI’s future and hold a short sale, dedicated to our community around the world.

We are excited to announce that we have decided to launch a limited community pre-sale! The sale will start on May 21, 2018, and will be divided into three separate time slots, one each consecutive days, to ensure that all of our community members will have the chance to participate in the pre-sale!


  • Discount of up to 25% on the token price!
  • This may very well be the first and last token sale! Don’t miss out
  • BONUS: We will set in advance the rate from ETH/USD and BTC/USD. However, following the pre-sale, rates will be retrospectively updated to the best possible rate that ETH or BTC has reached during the days of the sale. So, there is no need to guess the best time to contribute. The sooner the better.

Note that there is only a very limited amount of tokens on sale. We will also be limiting the maximum amount per contributor. In other words, first come — first serve!

COTI in the news

COTI Signs Up Over 2,000 Merchants To Its Crypto Payments Service

To read the full article on Nasdaq, click here

Partnership with globaliD

globaliD’s platform enables secure, portable and reliable identity verification through permission-based processes that leverage the strengths of blockchain technology. This complements COTI’s network for decentralized and scalable payments and its cutting-edge DAG (directed acyclic graphs) structure and base protocol, known as the Trustchain™.

The collaboration with globaliD is a further positive step to ensure frictionless, fast and secure identity verification. COTI will integrate with globaliD’s decentralized platform, enabling COTI to seamlessly integrate users and manage compliance all while securely storing and encrypting sensitive personal data.

Our partnership with globaliD will allow for greater functionality across COTI’s payment service. By providing a decentralized and trusted identity, which overcomes boundaries of location, globaliD will bolster the secure KYC/AML processes that COTI has put in place. As we continue to push the frontiers in fintech, we will work closely with globaliD to offer the best solutions in identity verification.”

“We’re pleased to announce this partnership, which allows COTI to further maximize the user experience through working together with globaliD. As COTI continues to be a pioneer in bridging the gap between the best of traditional payment with the best of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, this is a further positive step to providing a seamless, reliable way to manage identity verification in a fast-growing space.

To read the full article on our Medium blog, click here.

Interview with Dr. Nir Haloani, COTI’s CTO

We recently sat down with Dr. Nir Haloani, COTI’s new CTO, to discuss everything related to his scientific findings, his early interest in Bitcoin and what the future holds for COTI, Currency of the Internet.

From all the currently available cryptocurrency projects, why did you choose COTI?

“ I chose COTI over most other cryptocurrency projects as it takes a holistic approach to solving the fundamental problems in today’s payments landscape. COTI takes on a sophisticated behavioral approach to address the necessity of mediation provisions. The TrustChain™ layer was squarely created to incentivize honest, trustworthy conduct amongst network participants.”

To read the full article on our Medium blog, click here.

Technology updates from the COTI R&D team

Over the last week, we continued ongoing R&D on all fronts of the COTI roadmap, and progress is rapidly translating into real results.

  • User Types and Trust Score Update Algorithms (TSUAs)
  • Internal first draft of the TrustScore API
  • Development on the first release of our TrustScore nodes
  • First draft of COTI’s Mediation System specifications
  • Continued work on the first merchant integration solution

Our R&D team is continuing work towards finalizing the first draft of the COTI base protocol and developing the AlphaNet.

To read the full article on our Medium blog, click here.

We are excited to announce that our community pre-sale will begin May 21st and continue for three consecutive days. The full details will be out in our newsletter and in the COTI Telegram group. Be sure to spread the word to your circles. More updates coming soon, so stay tuned!



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