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How to join COTI’s Trustchain AlphaNet and use your wallet

Our biggest technological development to date, the launch of the Trustchain protocol AlphaNet checks off an exciting milestone for COTI on the path to becoming the world’s first blockchain protocol optimized for use by enterprises, payment dApps, merchants and stable coin issuers.

We welcome each and every one of our community members to join, explore and test transactions in our Trustchain AlphaNet! You can open a wallet, generate a seed and send each other transactions.

The COTI Trustchain AlphaNet is based on the COTI Payment system. To start using the Trustchain AlphaNet wallet, you will need to create a CPS (COTI Payment System) account:

Go to:

  • If you participated in COTI’s pre-sale go ahead and log in. If not, you will need to sign up:

You will need to verify your email, fill in your details and complete the KYC procedure.

Fill in your account details
Upload your POI ( Proof Of Identity)
Verification status

Once you are approved and logged in to the CPS (COTI Payment System), you can go ahead and open your Trustchain AlphaNet wallet.

  1. When you press the ‘Enter’ button, you will be redirected to
Enter COTI’s Payment System

2. Click on ‘generate new seed’ (you will be redirected to the CPS to generate a seed). The seed is the unique identifier for your wallet.

Login page of Trustchain AlphaNet wallet

3. Choose your own personal secret key (don’t forget your secret key because it will enable you to recover your seed).

Generate your seed

4. Click on ‘generate a seed’. Copy your seed and keep it safely stored.

5. Go back to your Trustchain AlphaNet wallet

6. Enter your seed (seed field)

7. Choose Full Node to connect. The Full Node is the node which is responsible for providing services for all wallet functionalities.

Choose Full Node

Congrats.. you’re connected!

** If it’s your first time connecting, you will be redirected to the CPS to match your seed with the Trust Score Node and to receive your KYC Trust Score.

** When completed, you will be able to use your COTI Trustchain AlphaNet wallet.

How do you send transactions using COTI’s Trustchain AlphaNet wallet?

  1. To load your COTI wallet with coins, you should have at least one address.

2. To get new address, you will need to click on ‘generate new address’.

To load it with coins, send us an email with your address to

You can begin to transact once you receive your coins and your balance has been updated.

How to send transactions:

  1. Click on ‘send’

2. Fill in the transaction details,

To: Address

Amount: total amount you would like to send

Description: transaction description

  • Please note: all fields are mandatory!
Watch COTI’s Cluster simulation

To check the code behind the Trustchain AlphaNet, please click here. To read more about COTI’s technology in our whitepaper, please click here.

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