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March staking rewards have been successfully distributed, continuing with a high rate return of 45%-48%!

March staking rewards have been successfully distributed. Continuing with the high reward rate, March gave an annual return of 45%-48% collected from fees, which is way higher than the 30% guaranteed.

Reward rate received on each MainNet node:

LLBB Node — 46%

Crypto Daku — 45%

Rufys Node — 48%

tehMoonwalkeR — 46.5%

Wolf Node — 46.8%

As published in our recent article, one key technological upgrade that we have implemented is a new algorithm to pick the nodes that will process a transaction and collect the fees. The new distribution model takes into account several independent factors to ensure a fair spread of transactions between the nodes which does not rely solely on one aspect or favor nodes only based on their stake percent.

The distribution model factors consist of: reliability measurement of the node, the amount staked, the TrustScore of the node, transaction amount processed through the node (age), load balancing/PoT and node Uptime.

Earlier this week, we were happy to introduce Staking 2.0, with increased staking volume, to be launched in May 2020.

This new staking model will also allow more stakers to participate in each Community node and will allow a higher annual return for higher staking amounts.

Make sure to register early and secure a spot by filling this pre-registration form.

Priority in the main registration will be given to our TestNet node operators and to stakers already approved from the 1.0 model.

Staking on exchanges is also coming via an additional new program which allows for more flexible staking through various exchanges. Details will be published in an upcoming announcement.

You can find COTI’s Staking Rewards profile at —

You can also view our configurable staking calculator here —

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