Meet Ben Elnekave, one of COTI’s lead software engineers

We recently had the chance to chat with Ben about his various involvements at COTI and upcoming projects

Ben Elnekave

Ben Elnekave is a graduate in software and information systems engineering from Ben Gurion University and comes with a strong track record in the payments space, developing front and back-end technologies.

At COTI, the first project he tackled involved working on the network nodes, including the Full Nodes, DSP Nodes, Trust Score Nodes, as well as the Zero Spend Server. He also helped to launch COTI Live, which effectively visualized the Cluster, COTI’s DAG-based ledger.

“Building an entire system from scratch was definitely a difficult challenge, particularly with it being decentralized. Nevertheless, the passion is there and there’s something new to learn every day.”

Decentralization is a departure from the centralized systems Ben has grown accustomed to working within the Fintech sphere. As he explained, the greatest focus lay in ascertaining that all data would be properly synced. Currently, he’s heading up scaling efforts of the COTI network to ensure that the platform can continue to develop and be optimized for increasing network participants and use cases.

To probe the effectiveness of possible solutions, Ben is utilizing processes for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

Besides addressing scaling efforts, Ben is also developing the node manager, which is a new node that will be introduced in the TestNet. The node manager, which is maintained by COTI, is responsible for providing addresses to new nodes wishing to connect to the system. While this is one initial function, many more potential capabilities and uses for the node manager will be revealed in due time.

“After working in the payments industry, I’m excited to bring my experience to COTI and to be a part of the movement to bring significant change to the fintech world. Reinventing the wheel is never an easy task, but I’m confident that together with COTI’s R&D team we will succeed.”

There’s still time to join the Trustchain AlphaNet, so be sure to sign up on The beta version of COTI Pay, our first app built on the Trustchain protocol, will also be launching soon, so stay tuned for more updates!

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