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Meet the StayCoti Node — COTI’s New Mainnet Node

We are happy to share that a new Mainnet Node has been added to the COTI network: StayCoti Node! The new node is already live and running.

One of the core things we value at COTI is the active participation of our community members. This factor influences the way we choose new node operators, and as such, the selection process for the operators is not solely dependent on the length of their wait, but also on the nature of their activity as well as their contribution to the network.

Considering this, choosing Petr to be the next COTI community node was a natural choice for us as he is a very active community member, especially on Twitter and Discord. He has been running a COTI testnet node for almost a year now, and he is always happy to spread the word about COTI while helping other community members.

Here is what Petr had to say:

“Becoming a Mainnet node operator is great news for me. I installed my Tesnet node on 7th November 2021 with the help of GeordieR. I would like to thank him and other members of the COTI COMMUNITY who helped me become a Mainnet node operator!

It’s great to see that the COTI team regularly shares updates and news on recent developments. Thank you for the great work you are doing! I’m very happy to be here with you as a node operator.

Once one milestone is reached, It’s time to set up a new one! I believe that instead of asking questions like: when Djed? When to the Moon? Rather, we should all think of what we can do to achieve mass adoption, and work towards it together.

I wish other active community members success in their quest to join us on Mainnet. See you soon!


The demand to become a COTI Mainnet node operator is still high, however, we will continually select active Testnet operators as they patiently wait for their turn.

We are happy to have Petr joining the COTI node operators team and we wish him all the success with his new Mainnet node!

Stay COTI!

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