Meet Yaniv Dadon, COTI’s software developer and UI/UX expert

In this round of our team interview series, we sat down with our software developer Yaniv Dadon to discuss everything that comes together in ensuring the best user experience, particularly in a startup culture.

Meet Yaniv Dadon, COTI’s software developer

Yaniv has been a part of COTI’s Tel Aviv-based R&D team from its early inception and has come a long way since then. Prior to joining COTI, Yaniv worked as a front end developer for a payment service provider (PSP), as well as other financially-oriented high tech companies, addressing many of the issues that COTI is currently working to solve.

Since joining COTI, Yaniv began work on all aspects of COTI’s products — from the website and private sale to the pre-sale systems, COTI Payment System (CPS), COTI Pay, COTI-X, the recently launched TestNet and more.

Front end development is fundamental to any company, as it’s what users will first see and how they will experience many facets of the product.

“Taking a fine grain approach makes all the difference to ensuring the proper balance of aesthetics, element positioning, colors and more on a user’s screen. This in turn determines whether their experience of the product will be a satisfying or disappointing one,” explained Dadon.
Yaniv and Costa, our product manager, perfecting COTI’s user experience

Yaniv’s first focus at COTI lay in building out the user interface and identifying all bugs. He then tackled the user experience to ensure everything would run efficiently and smoothly and, most importantly, be user-friendly for all involved parties.

“There is always a new challenge everyday. The fun lies in overcoming each one despite being up against the clock in a startup environment and having to juggle many tasks and projects at the same time,” commented Dadon.

At COTI, Yaniv and the team needed to build the user interface from ground zero — addressing everything from the platform itself to the applications and services — as compared to his previous experience working on already existing infrastructures.

“The progress that COTI has made thus far is astounding. I’m excited to see how COTI will continue on its path of developing the technology for powering decentralized payment network and stable coins and actually make a difference in changing the crypto landscape.”
COTI R&D team

Indeed, Q1 2019 is in full swing, and we have released the Trustchain TestNet and are close to launching the first two iterations of COTI Pay and COTI-X. We’re still on track with our roadmap and are approaching the main net launch.

Join and experience our new achievement - the COTI TestNet wallet can be accessed here. You can also test our demo shop by purchasing goods using your demo coins. Visit our GitHub to review the Trustchain code and read more in COTI’s technical whitepaper.

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