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Ran Neuner, Host of the Crypto Banter Show will Run a Community Node for COTI!

As just announced by Shahaf Bar-Geffen on the Crypto Banter show, we are very excited to share that the unrivaled Ran Neuner will run the next COTI Community node! The new node will go live on March 1st, along with the launch of Staking 3.0.

Ran Neuner is the founder and CEO of Onchain Capital. He is also the founder of Crypto Banter, a crypto media business that is building 24/7/365 live programming. He was the founder and CEO of The Creative Counsel, Africa’s largest advertising agencies. He is the host of the CNBC Crypto Trader show, the world’s only televised Crypto show on CNBC.

Ran Neuner

“I have been an active member of the COTI community since before it’s launched and have been proud to witness what this amazing team have achieved in such a short period of time”, said Ran. “I want to be able to bring COTI staking to our community and make sure that there are no costs or fees associated with it, we are super proud to run a node for COTI”

With Staking 3.0, each node will already have increased its capacity from 5M COTI to 7M COTI upon launch, and will continue to grow.

Adding the Crypto Banter Node on March 1st will give Ran’s great community the opportunity to join COTI’s network as stakers. It will also allow us to upgrade more current stakers as well as approve more stakers from the waiting list, making the total new staking amount reach a new all-time high of 109M COTI!

Ran has been following our development for a while now, and has been a big supporter of COTI throughout the years. We are honored to welcome Ran to our node operators’ family.

You will soon be able to join the Crypto Banter’s community node as stakers by choosing his node in the Staking 3.0 application form detailed here:

Stay COTI and Stake COTI!

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