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Staking 2.0 Early-Registration is Now Closed and has been a Huge Success!

COTI’s much-awaited Staking 2.0 program will launch in May 2020, allowing more participants to apply with a much higher staking volume.

On April 1st, we opened early registration and the demand has been overwhelming, massively exceeding our expectations. Wow!

Pre-registration is now closed and we would like to thank all those who applied and showed so much interest in COTI’s staking program.

Staking 2.0 offers each Community node and Advanced node the possibility to stake a total of 5M COTI:

Early-Registration was a complete success with over 700 users requesting to join with over 200M COTI in demand to be staked!

The early registration was helpful in helping us evaluate the demand to participate in the COTI staking model, before the program launches on May 1st. As promised, we are giving priority to those who registered early and to those who were already actively staking, our TestNet community and for those who were already on our waiting list from Staking 1.0.

Here are some stats from the early-registration:

  • Over 110M COTI are requested to be staked in Advanced nodes
  • Over 142M COTI are new stakers request
  • Over 97% of stakers currently staking are requesting to continue staking on staking 2.0

What’s Next?

  1. Priority will be given to those who applied in the early registration, to TestNet operators, approved stakers from the Staking 1.0 program and users in the previous waiting list.
  2. All these users will receive an email with the formal registration link, 24 hours before anyone else.
  3. The formal registration will officially open next week and will take place in your CPS account, so if you still don’t have one, please make sure to open it soon.
  4. The onboarding process will take place a few days later. If you have been approved for staking 2.0, you’ll receive an email confirmation from us and you will be able to easily stake the approved amount via your MainNet wallet. Just click on the “stake” button and you’re in!

Stake COTI, Stay COTI!

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