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Staking 3.0 Update: Increased Staking Capacity For Community Nodes

COTI’s processing volume is in constant growth, and we are expecting it to grow even more in the next few months following new partnerships we entered into, such as the one with Cardano and Wolfram Alpha, as announced lately.

This allows us to upgrade the staking program along the way. After adding a new Community Node last month, we are now happy to inform you that we will increase the staking capacity in each Community node from 8M $COTI to 9M $COTI starting from July! Counting 13 Community nodes, this brings us to an additional 13M $COTI to be staked, and a total of 142M $COTI.

Increasing the total staking capacity in each Community node allowed us to approve no less than 600 new stakers for the July staking cycle and over 70 meaningful upgrades. Each of the 600 new users received their staking approval email earlier this week and can now take part in the COTI Staking program, thus supporting the demand for the Native $COTI while reducing the circulating supply even further.

The demand for staking remains very high and we continuously do our best to include everyone as soon as possible and on a first come first served basis.

An additional improvement we added is an automatic claiming process for all stakers. The CLAIM button will be removed, and all stakers will receive their staking rewards directly to their wallet at the beginning of every month.

Stay COTI, stake COTI!

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