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Staking 3.0 Update: Processing Volume has peaked to $23.1M and April Staking Rewards Distributed

We are happy to announce that the rewards for the April staking cycle have been successfully distributed on May 2nd, 2021.

COTI’s staking reward model is based on the merchant’s transaction volume processed on the Trustchain, generating fees for node operators and stakers. Last month, COTI generated a transaction volume of $23.1M, and the Staking rewards of this month will be the guaranteed rates.

We count now a total MainNet staking pool of 121M COTI through all of its 17 nodes, of which 12 are Community nodes with 8M COTI capacity each.

This allows us to keep on upgrading the existing stakers’ plans as well as adding new stakers into the program.

We are aware that the queue to join the COTI staking program is long and continues to grow along with our community.

We are dedicated to maintaining a high return for the staking program, and as our network keeps on growing, we are determined to keep on expanding it.

Stake COTI, stay COTI!

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