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Tech Updates — The COTI Infrastructure

These last few weeks,The COTI R&D team has been working relentlessly on implementing and deploying the code behind the MultiDAG 2.0 in the FoxNet environment. Developments for the new explorer and bridge are also underway.

Here are the latest tech updates on the COTI infrastructure developments:

MultiDAG 2.0:

The FoxNet environment version is at the backend development and at its final stages. A preliminary version will be handed to our QA team next week. Once the FoxNet is released, we will start running the new MultiDAG 2.0 through its paces in order to ensure performance, scalability and security before we move to the public testnet environment. In parallel, the frontend team is in the final stages of the Token Forge UI development, which will enable Generating and Minting new Tokens on top of our Trustchain.


gCOTI is in its research phase. Researching different voting and airdrop mechanisms.

Explorer 2.0:

The new explorer will support MultiDAG 2.0 so that users can query information for newly generated tokens. In addition, Explorer 2.0 will provide an enhanced UI in terms of performance and user experience and will bring additional functionalities such as node monitoring. We have finalized the product requirements and the backend teams started working on the new API, aimed at efficiently retrieving network-related data in a scalable manner. We have finalized the list of the UI features we are going to deliver and our design team is working on the final UI\UX design that will enable our frontend team to start the development of the UI components.

Bridge 2.0:

The new bridge will support swapping newly generated tokens on top of the Trustchain. It will offer improvements in the form of a redesigned UI/UX experience with architectural enhancements that will introduce a significant upgrade in terms of performance and transparency, enabling users to monitor the status of their swaps from source to destination network, until final confirmation is reached. Product requirements have been finalized and approved by the team. The backend development team has completed its integration research, which was focused on optimizing the bridge transactions monitoring and reducing transaction bottlenecks. Backend development has started working on the new functionality set. The product team, on its end, is completing the UI mockups. Once they are approved, it will move on to the UI\UX design phase.


As shared last week, we have added a few features to the Treasury. You will now be able to see the liquidation price for each deposit you make. On top of that, you can now also see the $COTI coin real time value.

Lastly, we’ve added each deposit’s ID to the main dashboard, so it can be easily located. We are finalizing the functional requirements that will enable us to push the mobile app version of the treasury. Our users will then be able to make deposits and monitor existing ones via the Android and iOS apps.

Stay COTI!

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