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The Unstake Option for Stakers
is Also Available in the COTI MainNet Wallet

Following our recent announcement about the Claim option being available for stakers, we are happy to share that we fully completed the Staking v1.0 dashboard, with the Unstake button available as well.

Active stakers in the COTI network will be able to unstake at any moment through their MainNet wallet, starting this week.

Although you may unstake your coins at any given moment, note that the coins will be actually unstaked by the end of each payment cycle, as appears in your wallet.

Important: as a MainNet node operator, of any kind, unstaking makes you ineligible to run a node.

Continue reading to learn how this option works.

To unstake:

  1. Login to the COTI MainNet wallet.
  2. Click Unstake:

A message stating that you will be unstaked in the next payment cycle appears:

3. Click Confirm.

4. Once you have unstaked, you can not stake again until the next cycle.

Soon we’ll be releasing COTI’s Staking v2.0. You’ll be able to stake more, through our wallet and from exchanges. Stay tuned for the release and full details.

If you’re interested in joining one of our Community Nodes (Wolf, CryptoDaku, and tehMoonwalkeR), refer to this article.

To find out more about COTI’s Staking model and rewards, check out the following articles:

Stay COTI!

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Technical whitepaper:


Technical whitepaper:



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