Weekly tech roundup from the COTI Research and Development team

August 16, 2018

It’s such an exciting time to be part of the COTI development team-from sprinting through our technical timeline to developing our infrastructure and fostering new partners and applications to integrate into our platform.

We have been hard at work building out our AlphaNet release, which is almost ready, so expect more details very soon.

Some of our most significant technical developments are highlighted below:

  • Our innovative Proof of Trust (PoT) package is ready and is being integrated into our Trustchain protocol and nodes.
  • We finalized our ITSA and Trust Score node and added the implementation as part of our onboarding process and integrated it with our CPS service.
  • We have released the updated version of our whitepaper, which includes our major advancements and expansion of many aspects that were not detailed in the previous version, such as the arbitration service, PoW, Trust Score Init/Update algorithms, protocol architecture, seed generation and more.
Read the latest version of COTI’s whitepaper
  • Our research team is finalizing work on node discovery and will be publishing outcomes in the upcoming weeks. The main additions to the algorithm are as follows:
  • The TS is no longer considered static, as nodes monitor the information they receive from one another and report any wrongdoing to the Trust Score (TS) server. The TS server then penalises bad-acting nodes with decreased Trust Scores.
  • Nodes are no longer categorized as ‘good’ and ‘bad’, but are classified according to a number of behavioral characteristics.
  • A Node’s behaviour is no longer determined purely by its TS, but according to more complex behaviors. This includes acting under the pretense of good behavior to build trust in the network to only attack it and foment fraud.
  • Nodes have been given the ability to limit the number of outbound connections they are willing to provide.
  • We have finalized the first version of COTI network components which are based on three basic building blocks that create, approve and propagate transactions between accounts: the COTI wallet, the Full Node and the DSP Node. In addition, major advancements were achieved in developing the synchronization protocol of Full Nodes and DSP nodes.
  • We are finalizing the first version of the COTI AlphaNet wallet, which will be released in September. This wallet will support all transaction and infrastructure functionality.

The COTI community is growing rapidly. Our alpha net will be launching in September, be sure to sign up on coti.io. If you have any questions, you are welcome to get in touch with us on Telegram or via email.

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