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Weekly updates from the COTI team

During the last few days, we have been hard at work on the technical goals and upcoming releases. Here is our weekly recap:

  • AdaPay with the Cardano Foundation: We’re making progress with the Cardano Foundation to launch AdaPay on Shelly Mainnet. The efforts are led by COTI’s top developer, Mr. Eli Hallufgil, working closely with a dedicated team of developers, managers and executives from the Cardano Foundation. The Cardano team has already brought in an amazing first use case for AdaPay and we are thrilled to take part in this project. Our plans are that all features from the Shelley Mainnet (such as staking), will be available for AdaPay users. This week we had a great call with the team and have put in place timelines and communications plans.
  • VISA Debit Cards and Bank Accounts: We are thrilled to update that this week we have been picked as an exclusive design partner for Simplex, to be the first to issue branded VISA debit cards and bank accounts. Simplex has become a principal member with VISA, so COTI will have much better access to VISA and overall better terms and card sustainability than most programs out there. With everything in place, we began working on card designs and will be able to present it to the community for feedback in the coming weeks.
  • Better Storage for COTI ERC20: $COTI ERC20 and $GOVI are now fully supported on the MyEtherWallet and MyCrypto popular token lists. You can easily store them in your Trezor hardware as well.
    As mentioned, we’re also working to allow $COTI Native to be stored on Ledger.
  • We are now on Sushi Swap, too: the ETH-COTI pair is now available on the SushiSwap platform. We have submitted an application to the Sushi Swap team to incentivize liquidity providers with $SUSHI for their deposits. We are looking at the possibility of adding $GOVI rewards to Sushiswap liquidity providers as well. Stay tuned.
  • We presented the next COTI community node: The Crypto Banter Node, by Ran Neuner. The new node will go live on March 1st, along with the launch of Staking 3.0.
  • We have been listed as “Coin with Potential” on CoinMarketCal with no less than the maximum hot score. $COTI received a high Galaxy Score, side by side with $ADA.
  • Staking 3.0: All of the approval emails for March staking have been sent. Congratulations to all those who are now officially part of Staking 3.0. For the others, you are in the queue for the next cycle. We’ll share some stats from Staking 3.0 early next week.

Stay COTI!

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