What is COTX FlexiMining?

Jack Xue
COTX Networks — Official Channel
5 min readJun 3, 2022


COTX FlexiMining is a new feature to be released in COTX Full Helium hotspot X3 and X5 around late June 2022. It enables COTX hotspot owners to install 3rd party mining apps in X3, X5, and mine cryptos other than $HNT.

Since eventually Helium is offloading compute workloads from full Helium Hotspot, COTX full hotspot has extra compute resources to do other tasks, e.g. running other mining apps.

Overall Architecture:

Overall FlexiMining architecture in Archimate:


  • There is no hardware change in the existing X3, X5.
  • There aren’t any Helium-related changes, either the Helium mining app or LoraWAN radio.
  • We will release the new versions of COTX hotspot firmware to support 3rd party mining apps.
  • Officially, if you want to enable FlexiMining, you have to use COTX Hotspot Cloud Service (https://cotx-sg.io/) to pick up your COTX Hotspot, then enable the FlexiMining feature for each of them.
  • FlexiMining is only available in COTX full hotspot X3, X5; so even if COTX Hotspot Cloud Service can help you to manage heterogenous hotspots, You cannot enable FlexiMining in other brands’ hotspots.
  • When you enable a mining app you have to pay a FlexiMining license fee upfront, this is not related to any mining stake, it is a one-time fee solely charged by COTX. Not refundable, but no worries, the price is very reasonable. Any specific blockchain-related charge for a mining app should be paid separately by the hotspot owner directly to that blockchain. In some cases, COTX may help a blockchain to collect an enablement fee; this will be clearly stated in our service term before you pay it.
  • In the Beta test stage, we will release a new version of COTX Hotspot Web Management to let you enable 3rd party mining app for testing.
  • Any hotspot owners should, by themselves, research the mining app they want to enable to identify the ROI, or solve certain mining apps’ native configuration and technical issues. Just like you install an app on your phone, if that app has issues, most of the time you have to contact that app vendor directly.

Please be noted, that even if COTX Helps you enable/install a 3rd party mining app in the COTX full hotspot, COTX will not take any responsibility for that mining app’s reward and technical support. The hotspot owner has to contact the 3rd party directly to get support.

COTX Full hotspot can be installed with multiple 3rd party mining apps, but different mining apps at different times consume different hotspot compute, storage, and network resources. Each of the decentralized services, e.g. Mysterium, or Computecoin, allocates tasks to each mining app dynamically, so the performance for each of the mining apps and reward is unpredictable. If the hotspot’s hardware resources are depleted, the mining app’s performance could potentially be impacted.

What 3rd party mining app can you choose?

Computecoin (CCN)(https://medium.com/@Computecoin)

Computecoin provides decentralized web2 and web3 compute infrastructure and rewards its miners through $CCN crypto. COTX has had a very good relationship in technical and business cooperation with Computecoin and its ambassador. So far, COTX is testing $CCN mining app in our Raspberry Pi platform. To help hotspot owners quickly initiate $CCN mining, we will help COTX hotspot owners on $CCN stake process to speed up the initial setup process. Onboarding details will be released soon.

CCN reference:

CCN documentation: https://computecoin-network.gitbook.io/
CCN whitepaper: https://computecoin-network.s3.ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/static/ComputeCoin_Whitepaper.pdf
CCN Twitter: https://www.computecoin.network/
CCN Twitter: https://twitter.com/computecoinnet
TelegramEN: https://t.me/computecoin
TelegramCN: https://t.me/computecoincn
Medium: https://medium.com/@computecoinnet
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/Uv8khzfZqd

COTX Helium Full Hotspot advantage in mining CCN

High CCN Metapower vs electricity consumption.

You can use https://computecoin.network/Calculator to convert your compute resource into CCN Metapower, for example:

if you i7–12700k CPU and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080Ti GPU, you get roughly 1000K CCN Metapower.

With COTX Full Helium Hotspot X3, you get ~ 400K CCN Metapower, which X3 power consumption only < 10W, it is very good mining performance energy efficiency. And if you use COTX X3 as a CCN mining machine, we provide you an option that COTX helps to cover the CNN Stake.


Mysterium is a decentralized VPN service: essentially, you install and run a Mysterium Node in your X3, X5 hotspot, it provides a piece of VPN service to customers who require it, and you, as the miner receive $MYST rewards according. If you want to mine $MYST, note that you cannot install multiple Mysterium Nodes under one public IP, as Mysterium is a network intense service, only supporting one public IP one Mysterium Node.

Please be noted, each country has different laws regarding the use and provision of VPN services. The hotspot owner is solely responsible for meeting the VPN-related laws of the country in which you are located.

Mysterium reference:

Documentation: https://docs.metamask.io/guide/
Discord: https://www.reddit.com/r/MysteriumNetwork/

What other mining apps do you want to add to COTX FlexiMining?

Now COTX is doing research about adding the following mining apps into the COTX hotspot:


Presearch is a decentralized search engine that provides search choice, quality results, privacy and rewards.


Decentralized cloud storage service. Store customer data in a decentralized solution.


Decentralized network bandwidth sharing service.

If you want to add other mining apps to COTX FlexiMining, please let us know, email to: services@cotxnetworks.com