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Google Cloud SFTP and FTP

By default Google Cloud does not offer a simple and easy SFTP or FTP service that can be run on top of its Google Cloud Storage, most solutions do not natively work with Google Cloud Storage or require you to host an SFTP server on a VM within your infrastructure, which also has the negative impact of opening up your infrastructure to the public.

This is where Couchdrop Cloud SFTP excels. Couchdrop is a fully hosted and managed SaaS SFTP and FTP platform that acts as a secure gateway to your cloud storage (Google Cloud or Google Drive). As Couchdrop is fully hosted and managed it means that you are not opening your environment up to the public, nor are you paying for hosting and data transfer, or losing time managing the solution.

Couchdrop offers a quick and simple solution, with a user friendly Web UI console, in reality you could be up and running in a few minutes. To put you at ease Couchdrop is SOC2, GDPR and HIPAA compliant, as well holds the UK NCSC Cyber Essentials certification.

Configuring Couchdrop for Google Cloud Storage SFTP

  1. Create Couchdrop account
  2. Connect Google Cloud Storage Bucket
  3. Create SFTP/FTP user
  4. Connect and transfer

Step 1. Create Couchdrop account

Navigate to the Couchdrop console and create an account, there is a 14-day no commitment free trial where you don’t need a credit card and can get going immediately, plus you don’t even need to talk to anyone.

google sftp ftp
Create an account at Couchdrop

Step 2. Connect Google Cloud Storage Bucket

You will need two things;

  • Service Account JSON file
  • Google Cloud Storage bucket name

When you have the above, simply Add storage integration and select Google Cloud

google cloud ftp sftp
Connect Google Cloud Storage for SFTP/FTP

Specify the mount point (alias) for this connection, provide your JSON file and bucket name in the appropriate fields and then Save Storage.

google cloud storage sftp ftp
Configuring GCS with Couchdrop SFTP

Step 3. Create SFTP/FTP user

Next navigate to your user management dashboard and Create New User, provide the following details at a minimum, then Save.

  • Username
  • Password (or RSA key)
  • Root Directory
google ftp sftp cloud storage google drive
Creating an SFTP/FTP user

Step 4. Connect and transfer

You can now connect via SFTP/FTP using the user credentials created above. The details are as follows:

  • Username and Password— username and password of the user created above
  • Hostname — your primary Couchdrop domain found here (you can also create a CNAME of your choice for this)
  • Port — 22 (default)
ftp google cloud
Configuring an SFTP client to connect to GCS
SFTP Google Cloud
Active session with test.txt copied over to GCS
sftp as a service google cloud
Showing the text.txt is in the GCS bucket
hosted ftp sftp google
Couchdrop reporting on the sessions and events

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