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Google Cloud SFTP/FTP Gateway

By default Google Cloud does not offer a SFTP/FTP gateway. There are solutions out there that enable you to spin up a virtual machine and run their software, or you can attempt to configure your own SFTP server. The downside to both is the cost, you have to manage the infrastructure and pay fees, whether this software, the virtual machine or the transfer of data. Overtime these add up and can be costly, especially when there are hidden costs that fluctuate month on month.

Google Cloud SFTP/FTP
Google Cloud SFTP/FTP Gateway

To make it harder, there aren’t many client friendly SFTP/FTP servers that enable you to connect to your Google Cloud storage and allow external users to send and receive data. One solution to this is Couchdrop. Couchdrop is the only SFTP/FTP server that integrates with all the major cloud storage providers by default, enabling you to turn them into your SFTP endpoint.

Other features include granular security and permissions, the ability to restrict users to specific folders, a branded portal which can be used as a file system and a fully featured API (and webhooks) that you can use to automate and into build workflows.

Whitelabelled Couchdrop Interface
An example of a branded Couchdrop portal

To configure your Google Cloud storage as an SFTP literally takes less than a minute. In short all you need to do is create a bucket, enter your bucket name and upload your service account JSON file.

Create an account

Navigate to Couchdrop to register

Google Cloud SFTP
Create a Couchdrop account

Connect your storage

Head to your storage tab and select Google Cloud. Specify your Google Cloud bucket and upload your service account JSON file to allow Couchdrop access to your bucket.

Google Cloud FTP
Connecting Google Cloud for SFTP

Create additional users (optional)

You can create additional users here. Additional settings you have are permissions, firewall to restrict IP access, limit protocol access (disable FTP) and restrict the user to a specific folder as their root directory.

Create GCP SFTP/FTP users
Creating additional SFTP users for Google Cloud


Now you can SFTP/FTP into your Google Cloud Storage by connecting to and using the user credentials above.

SFTP/FTP into Google Cloud
Connecting to Google Cloud via SFTP

For other guides and more detailed walkthroughs check out or reach out to the Couchdrop team.

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Couchdrop is the secure file gateway and cloud SFTP / MFT platform. Couchdrop acts as your secure access method between systems or for clients to send you files to your cloud storage backend, that can be completely automated.

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