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Hosted SFTP with Couchdrop

If you’re looking to transition your legacy on-premise SFTP / FTP server to the cloud then there are a few options to choose. One is standing up your own cloud infrastructure within the likes of AWS, GCP or Azure, however this has its own overheads. The other option is to look at a fully hosted and managed SaaS solution such as Couchdrop.

hosted sftp
Couchdrop’s VFS and a terminal connected via SFTP

Although SFTP and FTP are traditional legacy protocols and are often running on an old server hidden in a cabinet somewhere, these protocols are still very key, especially in the healthcare and finance industries where technology often moves slow due to the compliance required.

A modern way to bridge the gap between old and new is using a hosted SFTP solution such as Couchdrop. Couchdrop enables you to turn your Google Drive, Dropbox, S3, or other cloud storage into an SFTP / FTP server. Couchdrop is fully hosted and managed and operates as a traditional SaaS solution where you simply pay monthly and don’t need to worry about managing the infrastructure or additional costs.

Configuring SFTP / FTP with Couchdrop is simple and can be done in a couple steps that takes less than 5 minutes.

There is no ‘syncing’ Couchdrop integrates directly with your storage and places your files directly into your storage immediately after you’ve transferred them via SFTP.

Other benefits of using Couchdrop is it offers email and webhook alerting, SCP, Rsync, an upload portal and email attachment uploads. Additionally it has a comprehensive API which enables you to use SFTP / FTP in a programmatic manner and introduce it into your workflows and automation.

Couchdrop’s plans start at $49.99/month and $89.99/month. If you are after HIPAA compliance Couchdrop supports this and also offers the ability to have a whitelabelled product or dedicated instance through its enterprise plans.

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