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How to configure a cloud FTP server

Configuring a cloud FTP server is simple and anyone can do it. Removing the CLI and Linux system confusion makes managing users and having in depth reporting and auditing makes using a Cloud FTP solution a modern go-to.

For the sake of this guide we will configure Couchdrop’s well known and robust cloud FTP solution. Not only does it support native FTP, but a wide range of other protocols such as SFTP, FTPS, SCP, S3 and it has a comprehensive secure API and the ability to custom brand its secure web portals for uploads and file interactions.

  • Once you have an account, Couchdrop offers a 14-day trial with no credit card. Simply navigate to configure your storage backend in this case we are going to use Couchdrop’s hosted storage, although you can mount your own Google Drive, Dropbox, SharePoint, Azure, etc.
  • We have mounted the storage to be /hosted — this is important to remember for user creation
cloud ftp and mft
Configuring Couchdrop cloud FTP server
  • Next we will configure a user access to only a specific folder within the hosted storage.
  • Go to the user tab and create a new user, provide them a username, password, enable/disable protocols and set their root directory to the specific folder within the hosted storage. In this case we are setting the user to only be able to access /hosted/bigcompanyuploads/
cloud ftp server
Configuring FTP user for cloud file transfer
  • Once you’ve created your user, the user can now connect via FTP, SFTP or however you desire and interact as required.
how to setup ftp server
Configuring the FTP server in Cyberduck
Uploading a file via FTP
how to configure ftp
Audit log for the FTP login event and file upload within Couchdrop
ftp server configuration
File showing up in the correct folder within the FTP server

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