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How to use SharePoint as FTP / SFTP server

By default SharePoint doesn’t support FTP let alone SFTP. However, there is a simple method to configure SharePoint as an FTP / SFTP server. This involves using Couchdrop which is a virtual file system fabric that sits on top of cloud storage such as SharePoint. It is simple to setup and you can hit the ground running in less than a minute.

Configure SharePoint as FTP / SFTP server steps:

  • Create Couchdrop account

Step 1. Create Couchdrop account

Navigate to and create a Couchdrop account. No need to worry, Couchdrop provides a 7-day free trial.

how to use ftp with sharepoint
Create a Couchdrop account

Step 2. Connect SharePoint as your storage

Once in your Couchdrop dashboard head to and connect SharePoint as your storage endpoint. When you’ve connected, simply “Save Storage” then browse to the path you wish to be your FTP / SFTP root.

sftp sharepoint online
Connecting SharePoint with Couchdrop

Step 3. Create additional users

You can create additional users who are locked down to specific folders within your SharePoint, you can set granular permissions and lock the user down to certain IP addresses.

sharepoint online sftp and ftp user couchdrop
User dashboard in Couchdrop

Step 4. Connect via SFTP/FTP

Depending if you are connecting via SFTP or FTP, you can connect using the above created user through the below configuration.

ftp with sharepoint
Couchdrop SFTP configuration in CyberDuck
sharepoint sftp / ftp
Connected to SharePoint via Couchdrop SFTP

For more information head to Couchdrop’s website or knowledge base.



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