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Move data between clouds at 1/10th of the price

Considering cloud storage is becoming the latest utility and data becoming the new oil the playing field is highly competitive when it comes to storing the data. You can store 1TB through Wasabi for $5.99 per month or 2TB through IDrive for $5.79 per month. However, the downside is when the time comes to move to the cloud storage or between cloud storage at an affordable rate.

move clouds affordably with movebot

Migration companies such as cloudm charge $6000 to move 8TB from on-premise storage to Google Drive, others such as Cloud Fast Path charge up to $1000 per TB to move your data into Dropbox. These prices are often well over the yearly cost of your cloud storage plan, and often remove any savings when moving to the new provider.

Most of these migration companies also often require you to contact a sales representative and go through their workflow which can add to the barriers and cause frustration when you just want to move your data.

Movebot is 1/10th of the price compared to others in the market. From the get go 100GB is included in the base cost, then it’s 0.39 cents per GB up to 1TB, from there it’s 0.12 cents per GB. The likes of Cloudsfer and others start at $1 per GB. Companies such as CloudHQ require monthly subscriptions — when you are only moving data once, why should you have to keep paying month on month. Movebot is a one-off cost that offers a pay as you go model. If you are moving anything over 50TB we recommend contacting the team for a better price.

Movebot is also completely self-service. The team is available to chat, support you or offer a quote. However, the product is user friendly and you can literally sign up and start your cloud migration without talking to anyone.

Movebot can help you move individuals, teams and organizations between cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, S3, Wasabi, etc.) or from on-premise to cloud storage using it’s user friendly and simple web interface.

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Couchdrop is the secure file gateway and cloud SFTP / MFT platform. Couchdrop acts as your secure access method between systems or for clients to send you files to your cloud storage backend, that can be completely automated.

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Jayden Bartram

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