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OneDrive SFTP and FTP

SFTP and FTP are common file transfer methods within organizations to securely retrieve, share or exchange files between systems. These protocols are especially common in compliance driven enterprises such as Finance, Banking, Wealth Management and Health. The challenge comes when an organisation migrates to the cloud from a traditional file server to the likes of OneDrive and OneDrive for Business and these solutions don’t offer a native SFTP or FTP connector as one would hope.

This is where Couchdrop helps. Couchdrop provides a cloud SFTP and file automation platform on top of your OneDrive and SharePoint storage (or Azure). It’s a fully cloud hosted SaaS that is secure and SOC2 compliant, best of all if you’re using OneDrive it will never store your data and will stream files in real-time to your OneDrive storage. On top of standard SFTP functionality, it also offers webhook and email alerting and automation; PGP encryption/decryption in real-time, file renaming, copying and routing files across different directories, automatic file sending or pulling from a remote SFTP server to OneDrive or between two cloud storages, and more.

Configuring SFTP for OneDrive is very straightforward and simple, it only takes four simple steps and less than 5 minutes to be up and going.

The steps to get started (in summary) are:

  • Step 1 — Create Couchdrop account
  • Step 2 — Connect OneDrive
  • Step 3 — Create an SFTP/FTP user for your external users/parties
  • Step 4 — Connect

Detailed walkthrough

Step 1 — Create Couchdrop account

Navigate to Couchdrop and create an account. Don’t worry you don’t need a credit card straightaway and you can get access to a free trial for 14-days to test and make sure it does what you need it to.

onedrive sftp ftp
Create an account with Couchdrop

Step 2 — Connect OneDrive

Once you’ve signed up you will immediately get a screen (see below) where you can now connect your storage backend, in this case select OneDrive by selecting Add Connection under the OneDrive.

ftp for onedrive
Select OneDrive from the list of platforms to configure for SFTP / FTP

You will then be taken to a new screen to configure your OneDrive, this is as simple as:

  • Selecting Connect Now and logging in with your OneDrive admin account
  • Testing the connection to ensure it is all sorted
  • Mapping the connection to the folder you want your files to upload to, in this case we’ve mapped the “/Ingested Files” folder to tie to the “/OneDrive” alias within Couchdrop
  • Select Save Storage when ready
hosted sftp for onedrive
Authenticate OneDrive with Couchdrop

Step 3 — Create an SFTP/FTP user

Now you need to create a SFTP/FTP user for your users to connect to your OneDrive with.

  • Head to Administration -> User Accounts and Create New User
  • Configure the account with the following: Username, Password, Directory, Make the user active and then Save User Settings

Note: You can specify a sub-directory here under the Home/Root Directory section so that each device accesses its own home folder within your root OneDrive folder.

microsoft onedrive sftp ftp with couchdrop
Configure SFTP user who is isolated to a specific directory

Step 4 — Have your user now connect via SFTP

Provide the following information to your user for configuration in their SFTP client:

OneDrive sftp server
SFTP configuration within a client
ftp secure file transfer onedrive
Listed files within SFTP/FTP

For more information or to get started jump across to or for more guides see



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