A Chatbot to Help Setup Your Entity & Hire Your First Employee

A new type of legal help has arrived.

Chatbots are all the craze in the legal world nowadays. There’s DoNotPay to help you challenge a parking ticket in select cities, VisaBot, who helps with visa and immigration issues, but these are just the beginning. Stanford Law School’s CodeX Future Law Conference even held a session on chatbots just a few weeks back. We at Counseltree have become focused on building chatbots to help entrepreneurs work through common legal issues associated with startups and growing businesses. That’s why we’ve begun to build our chatbot, Sandy the Squirrel, who can quickly help you dig up the legal information you need.

The demo to the left illustrates what Sandy is capable of: Ask her a question, and she’ll dig into all the legal information she can find, sending you the most relevant resources possible. Sandy couldn’t answer your question just right? No worries, she’ll connect you with a live legal researcher who will ask some follow up questions and get you the legal information you need to move forward with your business within 24 hours.

In addition to providing legal information on any generalized questions you might have, we’ve trained Sandy to guide you through specific modules for common legal questions. Right now she has two specific modules:

  • Understand the steps required when hiring your first employee
  • Guidance through the entity selection process and how to set up your new venture

So head over to Messenger and chat with Sandy the Squirrel, who can give you information on a variety of legal issues. If she can’t help, she’ll connect you with a live legal researcher, who will provide more information on your question within 24 hours. We’re continuing to build out the base of content Sandy will provide, so stay tuned for more.

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