Embeddable Democracy

When the founding fathers were crafting the US Constitution in 1787, there was one glaring omission in their foresight. Separation of powers, check. Free speech, check. Right to assemble, check. All wonderful…but where was the noble Virginia farmer championing user experience design? Where was the article about securing the ease of access to one’s elected representative whenever wherever the need arises? What about a cross platform mobile strategy!?!

Countable exists because we believe democracy, in its current form, has a poor user experience. Contacting your reps, learning what they’re up to, reaching out and voicing your views - all critical elements of democracy are obscured by scale, poor technology and ineffective practice. Everyday we are working to create digital experiences that address these issues by making you feel closer and more relevant to your democratic process. We have launched websites, mobile apps and loads of non-biased summaries of legislative content to demystify whats going on and make government a little more fun.

As much as we would like to believe our users spend all their time on Countable, we know that there are extreme circumstances where they may have to visit other sites. So we decided to take the core of our application and make it freely available as an embeddable web widget. Now with a few lines of code, sites all over the internet can leverage Countable to connect users with lawmakers. Users can voice their opinions on the issues they’re reading about without ever leaving the page!

Once embedded on a site, inside of a news article, blog post or anywhere else on a page, the widget works in 4 easy steps.

1. Find your reps

2. Choose how to reach out

3. Message or call

4. Recruit your friends

Our in house amateur historians are confident that the founding fathers would’ve been proud to embed the Countable widget on their websites. We hope you will consider joining them and us in the quest to open up lines of communication between congress and those they serve.

To find more information about embedding the Countable web widget, visit this link or get in touch with us directly by emailing Michael at Countable dot US.