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2 Non-Profits That Uplift the Native Hawaiian Community

Get involved & make a difference!

A group of volunteers standing outside and around an ancient rock at Maunawila Heiau in Hauula, Hawaii. The area is owned by Hawaii Island Trust. Mackenzie Plunkett. 2 Non-Profits That Uplift the Native Hawaiian Community.
Image of Maunawila Heiau, 9 acres of protected ʻāina (land) on Oʻahu owned by the trust. Maunawila Heiau Work Day by Mackenzie Plunkett

Hawaiian Islands Land Trust is a Hawaiʻi 501(c)3 nonprofit and a nationally accredited land trust with the mission to preserve over 21,650 acres throughout the Hawaiian Islands and to support environmental and cultural-based education.

“Losing Hawaiʻi’s coastlines, fertile agricultural lands, and historic landscapes to overdevelopment will inextricably alter Hawaiʻi, sacrificing the very core of what makes Hawaiʻi so special. Hawaiʻi Land Trust focuses on protecting privately-owned land with threatened natural, cultural, and/or agricultural resources of high importance by fee purchase or Conservation Easement”(HILT).

I encourage you get involved!

A black and white image of Heeia fishpond in Kaneohe, Oahu around 1922. Shows outlines of the Koolau mountain range and tall trees in the background. Mackenzie Plunkett. 2 Non-Profits That Uplift the Native Hawaiian Community. Indigenous. Culture. Native.
Image of Heʻeia Fishpond. Circa 1922. Author: R. W. Perkins. Hawaii State Archives. Call Number: PPWD-11–7–040

Located in the ahupuaʻa of Heʻeia on the east shore of Oʻahu, Paepae o Heʻeia is a federally recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit created by a group of Native Hawaiians to restore and maintain a local loko iʻa (fishpond) in their community.

“There are six styles of Hawaiian fishponds, most notably, the loko iʻa kuapā, were technologically advanced and efficient as their purpose was to cultivate pua, baby fish, to maturity. Their creation was a result of the Hawaiians deep understanding of the environmental processes specific to our islands as well as their connection and observation of the food resources on the ʻāina and in the kai”(Paepae o Heʻeia).

The organization runs programs focused on the restoration of the fishpond, production of iʻa (fish), and educational enrichment for both young and old!

Support this cause here!

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