5 Nudes: First Timers

Five life drawings of newbies

Simon Goss
Counter Arts


Supine Student © Simon Goss ARCA 2018

What possesses a person to pose nude for a life drawing group? It could be any number of things — boldness, vanity, poverty, exhibitionism, pride, philanthropy? Whatever it is, and whatever it takes, there has to be a first time, and this is a fascinating stage in a model’s career to investigate. Over a long career in the life drawing room I have had the privilege to witness a model’s very first nude session in public on many occasions. I have chosen a small selection here of life drawing debutantes that I felt worthy of inclusion, as they had inspired me to produce at least one drawing that was a testament to their daring and poise, under what would be the most unusual of circumstances for many of us. You may yourself be comfortable naked, with partner or even in company (you may be a naturist, who knows!), but how would you feel if you were the only one undressed, and everyone else in the room was not just staring, but studying your naked body intently! Now, imagine doing that for the first time…

1 Ingenue Seated

Ingenue Seated © Simon Goss ARCA 2006

This model was very young (19) in comparison to the regular stable of models we usually drew. It is a long time ago…