5 Nudes: More Older Females

Five life drawings of mature women

Simon Goss
Counter Arts


Tonya Studio Feet © Simon Goss ARCA 2019

As previously noted in my first collection of drawings of older female models, there are not so may of them around in comparison to younger women. Despite that, I have drawn a fair few over the forty-plus years I have been life drawing, and consequently, have enough successful ones to make up at least a couple more collections.

I find the poise and confidence of an older model to be somewhat calming, and this often translates into a slightly looser style of drawing where I do not feel under pressure to reproduce as flawless a complexion or toned musculature of a younger model. (I generalise of course, I have drawn many fifty-plus women who have both flawless complexions and toned bodies, but you get my drift). Nevertheless, I always feel in good hands with an experienced model and react accordingly.

You can read my first article on older female models here:

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