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Developing Minecraft in Literally One Second!

When I say one second, I’m not joking around or being sarcastic. Also, it’s not clickbait

Minecraft… It’s a game that everyone wants to create on YouTube. I, being a person with no creativity, decided to do the same thing. Also, being very lazy, I decided to do it in the most minimal way possible.

Photo by Toby56 on Unsplash

I’ll create Minecraft in unity using a similar timespan in the future, but for now, we’ll use something way simpler-using python, and… that’s it.

Before Starting

Here’s the link for the python library:-

  • Have python installed
  • Open the terminal and type “pip install mcpi” or “pip3 install mcpi-e”

It’s actually way simpler than what you’d expect. It’s probably installed by default on most computers if you have python completely installed. You need to start it up in an algorithm, tweak it the way you want and that’s going to do it.

Photo by FadinGeek

Get Started

import Minecraft

That’s it! If this takes more than one second for you, maybe the article was clickbait. But I’m sure you could type this in 1 second at your fastest pace. You could now run the python file using the below command and enjoy Minecraft.

Photo by FadinGeek
from mcpi_e.minecraft import MinecraftserverAddress="" # change to your minecraft server
pythonApiPort=4711 #default port for RaspberryJuice plugin is 4711, it could be changed in plugins\RaspberryJuice\config.yml
playerName="Subscribe to FadinGeek on YouTube/Medium/Patron" # change to your usernamemc = Minecraft.create(serverAddress,pythonApiPort,playerName)pos = mc.player.getPos()
print("pos: x:{},y:{},z:{}".format(pos.x,pos.y,pos.z))
# Simple program for your setup if you don't mind typing more than a second.

You can go even further with this in-depth and create an actual fork of Minecraft if you want just like that!

It’s developed by the maintainers of the official Minecraft itself, and therefore there is no third party involved here.

Photo by FadinGeek

It doesn’t end there though. You can go a step further by customizing it.

With that said, that’s really it for this article. It’s a small one, but I hope you got something out of this. If you think what I’m doing is not bad, maybe consider supporting me through Patron, YouTube, Medium, etc… I’ll meet you in the next one.

You’re Awesome :)




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