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We Talk NFTs with Empress Trash

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7 min readAug 11, 2021


Damsel 3 by Empress Trash. Link

“Find your people, join as many communities as possible and network like mad. Be brave and reach out to people.” -Empress Trash

I will be honest, folks. I normally try to stick to an exact format in my blog. I give an NFT market update, then introduce the artist and the interview questions and answers. But this time, when I learned the story about the NFT artist I featured in this blog. I could not help shed a few tears. She made an impression on me and my conscience made me make a few comments here. Apologies in advance if this was not the entertainment you were expecting.

Human trafficking is a tremendous problem in our world. The right to your freedom, your motion, your health, your body and your own life choices are basic human rights no one should ever denied.

Ending the horrific crime of slavery in the United States was possibly the greatest advance of the human race in the last few hundred years. But it was not enough. Per some estimates, there are 20–40 million slaves in the world right now, more than there was in 1865 when slavery was abolished in America.

I consider myself lucky to have my human rights, so I will do all I can to raise awareness of this topic with the goal of ending human slavery in my lifetime.

I learned a lot about human trafficking and the conditions of the exploited from an organization called Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) Rescue named in honor of the legendary Harriet Tubman. I encourage you to learn more here.

It is my honor to present the story of a leading NFT artist who is also a survivor. And as always if you don’t get NFTs, read this explainer first.

Who is Empress Trash?

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“Imagine if everyone was able to follow their heart instead of a paycheck how lovely the world would be.” -Empress Trash

Drea Jay, aka Empress Trash, is a visual artist who currently resides in her adopted home of West Oakland. She is also the host of the “At The Curb: Art Talk” podcast, which…



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