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How Billionaires Manage Our Time

They contract it out — to us

A clock in my mechanic, Joe Webb’s shop. It’s not just stopped, but unplugged. This is a device that knows its limits, “I aspire to being correct only twice a day, no more, no less.” There’s something kind of zen about that. Photo: Author.

In my duties as a police officer I am often required to take what other industries might call “continuing education” or “recertification” courses. I had to do so last week for a “conducted energy weapon” (CEW) that the agency is adopting. If you don’t know what a CEW is, “Bro,”…




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Dr. Matthew Pate

Dr. Matthew Pate

Criminal Justice Researcher. Career Narcotics Detective, Author. Mixed Media Artist. Habitual Line Stepper. Loves Dogs and Cats. Holds Doors. Wishes for Better.

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