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How to explain complicated topics in landing pages

Most people in college write their notes in class, later summarize them and study from that.

I was weird and sometimes did things differently.

Statue of “The thinker” looking at a crypto currency landing page
KeptoChain Template and the thinker

When a test was coming up, I would start ripping pages from my notebook so I could clip them together with similar topics of that subject.

Then I would reread them and create what’s called a mind map.

It ended up being a piece of paper that would only be usable to me once.

Which is completely backwards from how most people do it.

I mean why only create something you could only find useful once?

Well… the thing is the amount of value I got from it was IMMEASURABLE… and I’d only get it while in the process of creating that mind map.

Once I’ve thought up a storm and found connections to all the different points and concepts of a given class, using it to study was too messy for me.

Mind map on gesture drawing
(Here’s a cleaner, newer type of mind mapping I’ve been testing out, which involves thinking about the relationship of things before putting it to paper. This one is on Gesture Drawing)

Why did I study like that back then?

Because our brains best learn through associations and relationships.

If you understand one thing well…

Then find a way to relate it to something you don’t know that well…

Suddenly you understand that thing you don’t know much better!

(Beats using flash cards right?)

So what happens when you have explain something complicated or introduce a hard subject on a landing page?

We flounder and get lost in our own words.

So to help you out, here’s a trick if you’re introducing something new to your leads:

Use tools like metaphors, similes and analogies to help you dig yourself out of that hole.

Realize that things will get easier if you can find ways to connect the unknown with what your lead already knows.

Of course knowing who your lead is helps…

But either way, you might find yourself having an easier time explaining (and understanding!) topics if you do this.

If you ever had to explain something to a 5 year old, you’ll find yourself naturally doing this.

So why not do it with your leads?

To help you see this in action (and end things off here), here’s a video from an episode of the office that showcases this:

Aaaand a video of one of those Wired “a concept explained at 5 levels” videos where you can see this in action as well:

Just, you know, remember to not treat your leads as 5 year olds 😅.

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