I Built Another Mechanical Keyboard

The Belafonte Build

Nate Geslin
Counter Arts


I’m starting to build a nice little mechanical keyboard collection. I have a few 60%, a 65%, and a 75%. These are great, and I love each like a child. One thing I did not have was any kind of ergo split or Alice-type layout.

I wanted one.

I have a growing collection of keycaps without a possible home. So it was time to find another keyboard case!


I kept my eyes open for quite a few months. I kept my eyes open for new group buys, even watching r/mechmarket. Finally, I found an Alice-clone that wouldn’t break my bank account: the Arisu Keyboard, Round 3 by Nico and Steph Studios.

All the parts I used for the build

First, this was an Alice-like ergo layout which was something I was looking for. Second, this was entirely acrylic. Which wasn’t something I had yet.

I’m a Wes Anderson fan, so when Drop introduced the Belafonte keycap set I signed up right away. Also, as part of this offering, Drop was also selling a custom USB cable from Space Cables that matched the Belafonte keycaps.