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My Thoughts On The War And Some Software Aspects

After many thoughts and two requests…

Photo by Max Kukurudziak on Unsplash

This article is my thoughts and opinion as a third person

As humans, we deal with a lot of problems. We have to face basic problems (shelter, food, health, etc) and the problems we create for ourselves. I’m sure we will continue to create problems for ourselves.

That being said, I’m not gonna waste time talking about what is happening. Here is where I’d like to share what I think to be the solution; what are my thoughts; who did wrong; and also some examples of software that think they are helping but actually not.

Again, if you think I’m the wrong person talking about this, you are right. This article is my thoughts and opinion in the third person.

Usually, when I know I might offend someone, I start with a confession. The below article is just what I wanted to share with you guys. It’s not made to offend or oppress any living or non-living thing you can think of.

I neither live in Russia nor in Ukraine, so I have no first-hand experience.

The Problem With Humans

Photo by Daniel Lincoln on Unsplash

We are probably meant for living from the perspective of nature. We are not meant to be “maintained” by other people in general, like the government. Most of the “man-made” problems directly or indirectly come from this.

In this case, we “give” the “leaders” the right to restrict us from doing stuff, and don’t get me wrong, this actually mostly helps us. The problem is, that we are human.

We are human.

If we don’t find a significant problem, we create one. And here I am having a look at the news of people dying for no reason in what we call war.

Having some personal grudges against another country DOES NOT mean taking a risk and harming the citizens of our very own country. It kind of misses the whole point by itself. — Me

And this is when we actually cross the limits. And this is what we have been doing for eternity. We fight to die for stuff like nationalism, religion, race, or in some cases politics. Forgetting how to live.

And Of Course, As A Developer Myself…

What Is Protestware?

This is basically garbage trying to harm helpless suffering people. Again, we know that there is NO fault in the people of both countries. It’s the government killing their own people indirectly.

Protestware is software that is meant to wipe “malicious stuff” related to Russia in their computers. It’s also a set of libraries that displays anti-war or pro-Ukraine messages.

This is where I would like to remind you that it’s completely useless if you spread messages like this to the public. Why? Because the problem is higher up in the government.

Ukraine President Companies NOT to support software in Russia

Photo by Max Kukurudziak on Unsplash

The president of Ukraine calls for companies like Oracle, Microsoft, and SAP to stop supporting software in Russia.

The response will be disagreement. There are two reasons for this

  • Russia is a HUGE country with a HUGE number of people, which means profit.
  • And again, people are not responsible for this. People in Russia are suffering just as people in Ukraine. Accepting the request would not help the people who are already suffering.

Whom Do I Support?

Honestly, if you want a straightforward answer, in short, I support none of the two governments.

I actually go with people, those from both countries that desire for the war to stop.

But, considering that the Russian government started the war to take over Ukraine, I think I’m more inclined towards more empathy for Ukraine. They want this to stop.

The Solution

As per one small person.

Countries fight with each other because they are silly in nature. If the simple thought of taking over a country could start a huge war, what would happen if another planned to take over the world?

Google something like Tsar Bomb, and you’ll see why that could be possible.

There are two ways to get rid of such problems:

  • To completely get rid of authorities which causes thousands of more problems, so this is ruled out
  • The second one is the centralization of the world which I think, is possible. If there is someone specializing in this field and you think I’m wrong, please let me know.


Here’s my point. We need someone to centralize the world into one place. A set of people to maintain the world or in other words, a government for the world(I’m not talking about the UN). I might be silly here, but I think there needs to be a constitution for the world, which could actually be of some use and serve quality throughout all the countries, making sure no country invades another country. This might also solve issues like migration, smaller conflicts between countries, and so on.

I don’t know, I’m just a developer and I have no knowledge of politics. Just Google for peanuts, you’ll get my brain size.

Let me know if you want any videos on this on my YouTube channel.

Also more videos on a lot more in there coming soon.

I hope you enjoyed this small article. My articles have been irregular. But, it’ll get back to normal as soon as possible when my exams are done.

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