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NFT Artist Spotlight

Let’s Talk NFTs With Ranxdeer

“The process of creating opens new doors every time, and the more one creates the more the possibilities expand”. -Ranxdeer

Being in the NFT space is very exciting right now. NFTs keep hitting the headlines daily. In today’s news we see Major League Baseball, the Cleveland Cavaliers and a physical NFT art gallery opening in NYC. Things are moving so…




Whacky, countercultural, and the only 1 Stop for Nonfiction on Medium.. Who cares what the algorithm says?

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Madhubani — with love from Mithila

Madhubani artwork by Surabhi Thakur


An Essay on Art, Connection, and Why We Change

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Alexandre Lores

Alexandre Lores

Director of Blockchain Markets Research for Quantum Economics. Founder of Bitcoin, common sense, and all things blockchain.

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