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On Millennial Midlife Enlightenments

Don’t worry, Generation “Why?” — you have been automatically pre-approved for applied wisdom

Roof fresco of Pantokrator
Roof fresco of Pantokrator. Source: Public Domain

I don’t really like to buy into the whole “generation” mythos too often. The edges of what we call generations are too fuzzy — human life, like all life, is a spectrum of existence. It’s a continuous function. There’s nothing discrete about it…




Whacky, countercultural, and the only 1 Stop for Nonfiction on Medium.. Who cares what the algorithm says?

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Dan Brioli

Dan Brioli

Deivore (haven’t been able to prove it). Been a top writer in a few categories — stop caring about that stuff. The report of my death was an exaggeration.

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