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The poetry of slowly dying: Los Campesinos!

A brief exploration of the band’s sixth album, Sick Scenes.

Amber, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Daddy came out of retirement
He took a hobby as a PCSO
Let me level this as an indictment
Only a part-time grass, but a full-time asshole

The rise of rent, the fall of home
Left your home town for somewhere new
Don’t be surprised now it’s leaving you

When all is spent and all is lost
When all is said and done
And all we got’s the need to breed before we rot

It’s 7:20, Monday morning
I look to the man with no suit for a warning
If open to reason/collusion
May the way that I go be regrettable, gruesome..

…In exchange for one thing: “I beg do not take me today”
Babbling, “Please, let me stay”



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