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Turning On the Machine and Turning off the Animals

The monkey leaving after I took out my camera to photograph it.

In the span of two days I was nuzzled by a pig, kissed by a deer, greeted by a monkey, humped by a dog, and unknowingly provided shelter to a moth in my hat while visiting a rural town deep in the mountains of South America. The first three of these encounters occurred at a zoo where geese and parrots loudly proclaimed dissatisfaction toward human onlookers including myself whose smirk in relation to…




Whacky, countercultural, and the only 1 Stop for Nonfiction on Medium.. Who cares what the algorithm says?

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We get it, FAKEWYOMING was more than you could handle.

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a man driving a vespa in italy with a tiny white poodle behind him. she looks into the mirror and you can see her face. traveling. italy. rimini. vespa.

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D. L. Shultz

D. L. Shultz

queer theorist and affect alien

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