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Walking 10k a day: Call to Action for Cerebral Palsy

My own sister is joining STEPtember, walking every day and raising funds to support their cause

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As edited by A series of conditions known as cerebral palsy (CP) have an impact on a person’s mobility, balance, and posture. The most typical motor impairment in children is cerebral palsy. A person’s capacity to regulate their muscles is hampered by aberrant brain development or damage to the growing brain, which results in CP.

A person with severe CP may require specialised walking aids or may not be able to walk at all, in which case they may require lifelong care. On the other hand, a person with mild CP might walk a little awkwardly but may not require any specific assistance. Though the precise symptoms can fluctuate during a person’s lifetime, CP does not get worse over time. For a more intimate view on the condition, please feel free to watch the video in the next section.

Here a video about living with cerebral palsy:

STEPember is joining the fight to make life better with people living with CP

STEPtember is a fun and inclusive virtual event that challenges you to STEP UP — whenever, wherever, and however you like — from 1–30 September.

Every 20 hours, an Australian child is diagnosed with cerebral palsy. By taking on the challenge and fundraising, you will support life-changing research, treatment and services to help people with cerebral palsy to live their best life.

My sister joined the campaign and is walking every day with her children, my beautiful niece and nephew. She was moved by the life of her friend’s son, a little boy named River. I couldn’t be more proud of my baby sis.

STEPTEMBER. Photo by author’s sister.


Taking 10,000 steps a day is one heck of a challenge! But every step will be made easier knowing it’s all for a very worthy cause. Every dollar Natasha raises will provide vital equipment, therapy and services to children and adults living with cerebral palsy as well as further research and innovative technology. Please help Natasha support this great cause!



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