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Where Have U Been, Humour Tab?

Introducing a new tab to Counter Arts

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Counter Arts has introduced a new Tab: Humour

When I dreamt up the idea (I’m nothing if not a dreamer) and brought it to the attention of my fellow editors* at the randomly daily board meeting, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

Positive, but for one minor detail. Spelling.
Someone didn’t see the usefulness of the universally trusted ‘u’.

“Humor, Humor, Humor!” — Carlos Garbiras

And so, the new “Humour” tab stands proudly alongside our other utterly unifying and uplifting urbane tabs.

So, dear friends, readers and writers, unleash your humour (or humor), satire and wit.

Write on, misfit unicorns… oh, sorry, wrong pub…

Only two rules — use your ‘u’s and use the metric system.**

We look forward to continued reading!


* Two editors missed the meeting. Something about sleep or work… ugh :)

** Unnecessary. These rules don’t actually exist in our guidelines.
Medium doesn’t use the proper spelling of humour as a tag (use #humor) and everyone only understands the metric system outside of the U.S.




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