Mississippi, Goddamn

Lord have mercy on this land of mine….

Those are lyrics to a blues song by Nina Simone. This song righteously reflects the general atmosphere after the tumultuous runoff election in the very red state of Mississippi.

Article after article of people disconnected with the struggle of the state, condescendingly spitting vitriol.

Like- I get it. It’s disappointing. But good work was done, and the state has moved forward. Progress was made. Incrementalism is maddening, especially in a state like Mississippi, a hotbed of political action against antiquated norms.

The race was heated. A Mississippi resident, Emmitt Booth collapsed as he came through the door to vote at South McComb Baptist Church on Tuesday morning. Booth was at the polling place to vote in the runoff election between Democrat Mike Espy and eventual winner, Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith.

He died later that day.

Mississippi, Goddamn.

Keep up the good work. The direct action and boots on the ground. Keep your communities safe. Don’t ever lose hope. Don’t let the internet hive-mind get you down in its endless negative droning.

Mississippi Goddam” by Nina Simone Recording session: Live in Antibes, July 24–25, 1965.