Tina Danielle Keophannga
Mar 23 · 5 min read

Some of you don’t remember when Google’s slogan was “Don’t be Evil” and it shows…

“AI Criminals” by the artist Katsu

Back in 1996 when Larry Page and Sergey Brin were both PHD students at Stanford University, California, the team discovered a newer, better way to operate search engines and built the first “killer app”. This app was Google, built on backbone of Page ranking and relevance, it quickly became the best and easiest to use search engine on the internet.

That was back in the late 90’s, when the internet was small yet flourishing. Internet 1.0 had many pages and services competing with each other for users and because of this free market environment, it grew and took on new life. In 1998, Google’s slogan was “Don’t be Evil”. This slogan reflected the original principles of the two creators. Google was created to make using the internet easier. And it did. Until the post 9/11 era and the dawn of the new Millennium.

Free Yourself by The Chemical Brothers, 2018

This new era ushered in a wave of Millenial “tech bro” creators, such as Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey. What is a tech bro? Silicon valley types. White collar programmers, coders and engineers- the architects of Internet 2.0. Channers, Shitposters, Spammers, Hackers and Memelords. The originators of the gamed and curated online experience, the toxic sell outs of the failed sharing economy and start up culture, the robber barons of the once free world of the internet.

Unlike their techno-anarchist hippy forefathers, Internet 2.0 techbro’s lack the principles and morals that drove internet 1.0 to success. Tim Berners-Lee would be very disappointed with the current crop of tech bro libertarians and the profit over everything ethos that drives technology these days.

It’s that profit centered philosophy that drives the internet and the companies of internet 2.0 to “disrupt” and engineer the human experience in and around technology. One of the leaders of this disruption is Elon Musk. Musk is a rich inventor who created the companies Tesla, SpaceX, and The Boring Company. Musk is more of a hands on venture capitalist than an actual inventor. With his companies, his teams, and his money, Musk has innovated much for space travel, electric cars (though that debacle was solved over 20 years ago, but that’s another article in of itself.), and AI.

Musk’s driverless car AI is flawed, as is much of the worlds AI, as AI reflects human biases. So far, Musk’s is the most advanced, and the program would run over old people, children and non white folks first. Tell me, what type of dystopia are we building right now? And this guy is revered as some kind of altruistic all knowing hero in so many people’s minds.

Musk has been canonized in the American story as some kind of last hope for humanity. It is true that his innovations are useful and will remain useful in the long run, but personally I don’t see Elon as some “savior of mankind” or anything. He’s a tech bro with a few good ideas and enough money to act on and execute them.

The apps of the tech bro’s are simple and mostly commerce, social media and “sharing” apps. Ride shares, house shares, couch hopping, delivery, item borrowing. All under little to no regulations. The lack of regulations is a carry over of internet 1.0, where every creation was assumed to be created for the elusive “greater good”, or betterment of society. Facebook’s original premise was to connect people in college, and a dating app for the anti-social. No one saw it and Google teaming up to become one the largest corporate and Government spying apparatus in all history, with the exception of China’s social credit system. There is a complete lack of accountability surrounding the tech bro creations and therefore, no consequences for unintended outcomes.

“Don’t be Evil”

Tech Bro’s lack of accountability has lead to many unintended outcomes. As these are the social engineers of the modern age. Things just get weirder and weirder. Which brings me to the next subject:

Andrew Yang. Yang is a tech bro from the bowels of silicon valley, and he has been deemed the rights “Trojan Horse” candidate, as his platform is based on UBI, (Universal Basic Income, for the uninitiated.). The way I see the right as using Yang as a Trojan horse, is to run him. Even as a Dem Yang would have a huge impact on splitting on the “Soc’s”, which is the Dem Socialists and the Socialists in general.

Yang spews alt-right eugenicist talking points, and entertains the Trump reality show “news” media Sinclair syndicate wonks constantly. He recently went on Ben Shapiro’s and Joe Rogans shows. Yang plays in to their propaganda and serves a token and a talking head. The idea is that Yang’s UBI proposal would cause morally depraved and unprincipled people on the left to turn away from the other candidates. Which, I can see, as many on the left are ready to choose anyone but Trump.

Yang on Twitter touting eugenics

So far, Yang is nothing more than a meme candidate with a large following on the right. He has yet to grow viral over the internet. This is the social engineering that the tech bro’s are all about. This is all it’s good for these days. It’s a political weapon. Yang as a meme is being used in the same way that Trump as a meme was being used in 2016. Don’t fall for it, he’s a meme. Kill the meme. Meme’s can cross the fourth wall- everyone learned this in the late stages of internet 1.0, with the Rick Rolls, and the “Pools Closed” meme’s happening in real life. Treat Yang as a real politician, not a canonized silicon valley celebrity tech bro “savior” of all mankind. Hold him to account. No quarter.

Filthy by Justin Timberlake, 2018

To conclude, Tech bro’s ruin everything. The culture is disruptive, soulless, profit driven disruption with little to no accountability. It’s unfettered capitalist robber barons in hoodies. Tech bro’s have single handedly destroyed the internet, the Constitution, e-commerce, and turned the human experience in to an ad saturated hellscape.

Show me the next Jonas Salk. I’m seriously getting sick of tech bro’s and their bullshit. Technology is great, but when it’s executed with no moral groundwork or discernment, the outcomes are as bad as the government these folks are trying to work and build a future separate from.

Seriously. Get fucking grounded and look around. It doesn’t have to be this way. There are better, more intuitive, human-centric solutions to the current flawed AI that is operating the US.


The Crux between Politics, Music and Culture.

Tina Danielle Keophannga

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*CREATING CULTURE* Artist, Writer, Curator. Futurist Anarchist, Metamodern Philosopher, Archaic Revivalist. ko-fi.com/bastgoddess7


The Crux between Politics, Music and Culture.

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