Nature of God in Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam)

If you refer to websites to describe the nature of God in western religions you get the following responses

Judaism: From Judaism 101 God is just and merciful. God is omniscient, omnipresent. God is one etc.

Christianity: (From God on the Supreme being Unique eternal self existence, etc. However these attributes are given by the religious ministers. If you study the scriptures you find that the nature of God described in the old testament is in direct contradiction.

Let’s analyze the different stories of the Old testament and evaluate the nature of God.

1) Adam and Eve: God forbade Adam and Eve to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge. However they still did and hence He banned them from paradise. The Judaic description of God is that He is forgiving, then why didn’t he forgive Adam and Eve. Also it seems like God is a little insecure of Adam and Eve obtaining knowledge. If God is infinite and omniscient why is He afraid. Also why did He have the tree of knowledge there in the first place and why wasn’t it guarded. So too many loop holes, anyway it is just a fairy tale.

2) Cain and Abel: Cain offered grain and Abel offered a lamb as a sacrifice. God did not accept Cain’s offerings and only accepted Abel’s. This led Cain to be jealous and he killed Abel. Seems like God bent on killing animals. I think this is probably due to the fact that the Babylonians and Persians would offer fruit and vegetables, in fact even Hindus would do this. Since the Jewish Rabbis didn’t want the people to follow these rituals they made this story so they would continue to sacrifice animals. The poor lamb.

3) Noah: God wants to destroy all men and he creates a flood that engulfs the entire planet only Noah’s family survives who save all teh animals in a boat (ark). Again God doesn’t seem very benevolent and forgiving here.

4) Nimrod and the tower of Babel: Nimrod builds the tower of Babel attempting to reach the heaven. God destroys the tower and people spread all over the place. If God is truly infinite, omnipresent then why does He have to be afraid of a guy building a tower. Doesn’t make sense. I guess this was a response to the pyramid building activities of Egypt and the Jewish Rabbis felt it to be a waste of time, so they made this story.

5) Abraham: God asks Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac. He stops him at the last minute and he wants all males to be circumcised as a covenant with God. Richard Dawkins refers to this incident in his book the God Delusion as God being a child molester and a torturer. The Jewish Rabbis made this story up to make sure that the Jews would do anything that they (God) asks them to do even sacrifice their own son if God (rabbis) wanted.

6) Joshua: God asked Joshua to kill all the Canaanites including male, female and children. This is clearly a genocide. Richard Dawkins highlights this in his book. In fact there was a study conducted for Jewish children. Half of the audience was provided a story of the Torah and asked if it was genocide, they said no as it was religious. The other half was asked a similar story and except for Joshua a Chinese emperor had done a similar thing. They responded that it was genocide.

7) Ten commandments: God indicates that He is jealous and doesn’t want people to follow other Gods. Again here if God is truly great and infinite why is he jealous and insecure. Thus we can see that the stories indicate a God who is insecure, jealous, genocidal, child molester and afraid of competition. These are totally opposite of a God who is truly infinite, omnipresent and omniscient.



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