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Welcome to Counterpunch

This blog is for you.

A counterpunch and punch set

Hello friends, welcome to Counterpunch, Typogram’s brand new, shiny blog. You may be thinking, what a weird name. What is counterpunch? is it a new workout routine?

What is counterpunch?

In design history, counterpunch was a tool that helped type designers back in the day to make dot metal type. (*did that happen right after the Stone Age?) I know, I know, it probably sounds ancient right now, but it’s actually a pretty cool process! You can read more about it here.

The truth is, we want more ways to talk to our users. So we made this blog, and give it a cool name. (it’s cool, right? 😬 )We are super excited because we have a lot to share with our community, like bite-sized profiling fonts we think could help you, design lessons, marketing tips. In addition, we also want to share our journeys of building Typogram and being entrepreneurs! So please, take a seat and stay for a while. You have friends here and we have a lot to share with you.

P.S, most of the blog posts are written by me. My name is Hua, I am a designer, coder, design professor, google font contributor, your resident font nerd. I love learning, meeting new people, and discovering new communities. I can ramble forever, but I also want to hear from you : ) This blog is for you. If you are doing something cool, I would love to hear about it. If there is a specific topic about design or start-up you are interested in, you can always drop me a note at



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