Front-End Engineer

New York, NY

At Countr, we want to hire Software Engineers who believe that the best products come from a blend of technology and design, and who love figuring out original ways to solve hard, important problems. Excellence and speed are prerequisites, average need not apply.

We’re looking for a Front-End Engineer who is passionate about building products and is skilled at creating leading-edge user experiences. The work is challenging, fast paced, and always changing, but you aren’t afraid of the unanswerable — instead you strive to push the envelope in what is possible across all devices.

“We want to build a culture, where we can collaborate, exchange ideas and continuously learn together in order to build innovative products.”

Who are we?

Countr is a team of dreamers and doers who strive to foster a community and a work environment that thrives on taking risks, innovating, and creating technology solutions that empower others.

We have high expectations of each other and believe that transparency, hunger for learning, and our never-ending desire to push the boundaries are what allow us, together, to build things we are proud of.

Our goal is to create value for everyone: our users, our partners and for our team. We’re passionate about building innovative products that improve our users’ lives and connect them with others.

“At Countr, we view engineering as a craft, and want the structure of our products and services to be as flawless as the end user experience we are designing.”

What is the role?

You will play a key role in helping us lay the foundation for how we should build groundbreaking and scalable front-end web applications. You’ll work alongside the partners, design, and data teams to define, solve, and implement innovative solutions for the product direction, experience, and optimization.

  • Give feedback and suggestions on the feasibility and scope of proposed user interface designs.
  • Collaborate on and help translate the team’s goals into intuitive site architectures so that we can create a functional and aesthetically beautiful platform.

It’s your opportunity to take the initiative to launch, iterate, and make a difference.

Click here to read the full job description and requirements.

“You are a learning animal who wants to surround yourself with a team that is greater than the sum of its parts.”

What are you like?

  • Proven entrepreneurial spirit.
  • A passion for creating, and a focus on delivering amazing usable interfaces.
  • Strong analytical skills, an unwavering commitment to quality.
  • Self-starter with the ability to multitask without frequent supervision and enjoy fast paced development cycles.
  • Team player, demonstrates they can receive and apply feedback, as well as provide constructive feedback to others.
  • Above all, wants to have fun building something you really love.

What is Countr?

Countr helps customers aggregate their shopping related actions (data) and use it to build leverage with merchants while they shop. Our product is a highly efficient marketplace where merchants can connect with customers and price products on an item by item basis based on the value of each customer. We are in stealth mode until we launch, so more will be disclosed in person. Visit us at —

Ready to join our revolution?

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