Greetings From Your New County Democrat Reader Captain!

County Democrat Reader Editor-In-Chief Demetrios Deligiorgis.

It is with deep honor I step into the role of Editor-In-Chief, or “Captain”, of the County Democrat Reader publication, of, by and for Multnomah County Democrats.

Expect some exciting changes:

  1. “Year Of Women”. The next upcoming year’s issues will have soft-focus dedication to the theme “Year Of Women”, an homage to the amazing surge of women grassroots organizers, women voices leading national debate, unprecedented numbers of women candidates, public office holders all across the United States, and the legion of women who gave generations of sacrifice and fight to create this era of fruition. “Year Of Women” will help document the critical mass rise of women to power epoch we are amid. Expect at least one YOW article per month, for a year.
  2. National Writers. Each month there will be a guest writer of national stature invited to submit material designed to help elevate our local group of writers and create pollinating bridges between national and local ideas. Consider it a curated, localized invitation to join in national conversations as we head into the 2020 cycle. Our first honoree is the amazing Amy Ferris, author, playwright, wife and all-around Shero Goddess emerging ferociously on the national stage as a voice to be reckoned with in the fight for Women’s Rights. We are so fortunate to have her contribution, especially as first invitee, she blesses County Democrat Reader with her vision, fairness and warrior intransigence.
  3. Name Change. We heard from many who were looking for more hope, less gravitas, reflected in our publication’s name. County Democrat Reader carries on the fine work begun by uber-talented Ami Fox when she founded this publication last year.
  4. New Publication Charter. To define our priorities and center our conversation, we have drafted a charter for the publication. You can find that charter here.
  5. Racial Equity Section. The County Democrat Reader Racial Equity Section is headed up by GM Garcia, who graciously offered to take on the responsibility in conjunction with her other MCD Racial Inclusion goodworks in the broader MCD body. RES will be dedicated to engaging ideas that will help all of us grow our understanding of issues surrounding race, and help us find civil paths to partnering with awareness and solutions.
  6. Education Issues Section. A new County Democrat Reader Education Section, devoted to all things on the education caucus front. This page has great fortune to hear from a voice new to MCD: Suzanne LaGrande, years-long Adjunct Professor at PCC. Suzanne will be a monthly contributor, and her first piece appears this issue.
  7. More-Than-Monthly Publication. We will continue to have a monthly banner issue, but as writers contribute material and pressing political issues emerge, we will be publishing as soon as stories complete our editorial review process — usually a seven day turnaround.
  8. Solicitation Of New Voices. Whether in response to what you’ve read, a new idea for our publication’s growth, networking us with new writers, or if you are considering writing an article yourself, we need to hear from you. County Democrat Reader is dependent on engagement, so always feel free to contact anyone of us on staff.
  9. Growth. In writers, readership and vitality, all with the proviso we are dedicated first to the needs of our local readers and writers. County Democrat Reader has one core mission: Bringing Democrats Together.

Please bear with us as all of the transition details ensue in the coming weeks, there is a lot going on!

I cannot take another step forward until I give huge thanks to my new boss, Joel Barker, MCD Communications Officer, Lurelle Robbins, MCD Chair (and best meeting-runner I’ve ever seen), Ami Fox, fellow Precinct Committee Person who founded this publication (and also was first to publish any of my writing, helping me to cultivate my voice), Faith Ruffing, who kept me housed, informed and has been a wealth of information and continues to inspire and provide me with inspiration to continue the fight, and the long, long list of people who have supported me in the last couple of years, allowing me to be able to take on this responsibility with fervor, enthusiasm and strength — you know who you are, and I am forever grateful.

If there is anything we can do to increase engagement of County Democrat Reader with Precinct Committee People, Democrats in general, we’re all ears. Anyone can contact us via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, and use those same platforms to learn about staff backgrounds, politics and qualifications. We seriously would love to hear from everyone!

So, folks, here we — go!

County Democrat Reader

Of, by, and for Multnomah County Democrats

Thanks to Joel Barker

Demetrios "Jet" Deligiorgis

Written by

Editor-In-Chief County Democrat Reader, Multnomah County Democrats.

County Democrat Reader

Of, by, and for Multnomah County Democrats

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