What You Need to Know About Presenting Your Business in The Marketplace

The Problem Among Businesses Looking To Grow

Quite often, companies are ready to invest in new marketing but don’t know what they need or want specifically— just that they want to attract more customers and make more money.

It is my job as a digital marketing consultant to meet with them and ask the right questions so I can understand their pains and help come up with the perfect solution.

The issue I run into sometimes is that companies are unable to see my vision. I’ll create a proposal for a full-service digital marketing campaign— outlining what all is entailed— and they have trouble understanding how the plan will directly result in increased revenue.


I recently spent time consulting with a prospect about their marketing needs. After meeting with him and listening carefully, I drafted a formal proposal offering three different solutions from which he could choose the most suitable. It was for a printing company. Their website was archaic, non-responsive, unbranded and overall, failed to represent the quality of their work. There was plenty of room for improvement.

My agency proposed a rebrand and digital marketing campaign.

This would include modernizing their logo, establishing brand guidelines, revamping their website to feature a custom responsive design with SEO and inbound marketing integrations. We offered to launch social media and e-marketing campaigns as part of an outreach strategy. Throughout their branding, we had goals to send consistent messages that reiterated the company’s values and personality. Plus, they wanted to attract a younger demographic so we had plans of optimizing the user experience design throughout their brand to accommodate that request.

Yet, my prospect responded — “After evaluating your proposal, I will say that we do not want to change our logo and see no need to update our brand. We just want to present ourselves to the marketplace in a more effective way. We have decided to update our website in-house ourselves and are going to stick with the social media provider we’ve had for quite some time.”

Upon Reflection

What’s funny is that was precisely our plan — “to present their business to the marketplace in a more effective way.”

As it turned out, my prospect was just wanting a slight refresh to his company’s website and not understanding why the task couldn’t be isolated.

It’s because effective digital marketing requires a holistic approach to branding. If his company already had established brand guidelines, then it would be no problem to simply build upon it and reflect the existing style throughout the new website — but that was not the case. There was no branding in place whatsoever.

Many business owners are wary of a revamp — not realizing innovation can bring amazing results. When it comes time to commit to change, many will back out in fear that the new way won’t work.


For the sake of understanding my point, let’s compare attracting new customers to making new friends — because really, the same concepts apply to both.

You can’t just stand there stagnantly in the comfort of your home and expect all these awesome new people with mutual interests to approach you wanting to be your friend. You need to position yourself appropriately.

Many factors play an integral role in the formulation of a new friendship — appearance, reputation, availability, demeanor, values and personality are some major components that will affect the outcome. Hence, some people are more popular than others.

The same deal applies to business.

You can’t just throw together a bare bones website and expect everyone in the world to visit and want to be your friend — although it would be nice to live in such an accepting world.

You have to earn your customers — just like you earn your friendships.

Do you want your business to be well-known and well-liked? Well, you are going to have to become more attractive. You will need to create value so your potential new friends (customers) will see the benefits of hanging out with you and perceive you as worthwhile.

Then, if you want life-long loyalty from your friendships, you are going to have to constantly maintain them.

Providing a strong user experience will help engage people by clearly and consistently representing who you are and what you do. You will be sending messages that you are considerate, competent, innovative and a reliable resource. It will make you inviting, friendly and proactive, allowing people to get to know you — and love you.

Moral of the Story

Some marketers will take on whatever project they can get. However, what distinguishes my agency from others is our selectiveness. Our reputation is important to us and we are motivated to showcase excellence throughout our portfolio. Therefore, we won’t accept projects aiming for mediocracy.

My job as a digital marketer is a highly intellectual duty to fulfill that requires specialized knowledge, skill, creativity, desire to learn, adaptability, leadership and “big picture” thinking. It comes with an important and challenging responsibility — to influence how people think and behave.

To effectively execute a marketing campaign, I carefully research the topics at hand because one thing about marketing is there is no one-size-fits-all solution. After the proper knowledge is attained, I create strategic goals for the campaign. Once the project has a purpose and mission, I then craft the campaign accordingly — transforming ideas to life through art and design.

My advice to businesses looking to grow is to change your ways. Step up your game. Impact the digital world. Engage your customers. Revamp your archaic site. Rebrand your company when necessary. Granted, it may be hard to imagine the end results while at square one, so leave it up to the professionals to handle and see through. Rest assure knowing you are in good hands by hiring a reputable agency.

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