It’s More Fun to Explore New Things Together

Enroll with a friend in Courage to Create and save!

Photo by Teri Lynne Underwood via Flickr Creative Commons

It can be easier, and a lot more fun, to try something new if you bring a friend. That’s why we’ve just created a new ticket category for our three-session Courage to Create workshop this March.

Here’s how it works. Pay $199 for your first ticket, $99 for a friend’s ticket. Split the costs between you and it’s $149 apiece!

This Montclair, NJ-based class is for anyone who wants to get that creative spark back into their life. Our motto — Be Fearless. Imagine. Make Magic. — is also our template.

Be Fearless.

We’re going to look at the ways we talk ourselves out of our own creativity. The critic on our shoulder. The fear that all our ideas are dumb. Or that we can’t sing or sew or draw or whatever it is want to do. We’ll look at our circle of friends and see who encourages our truest selves and who makes us want to shrink up and hide in a hole.


We’ll discover prompts and exercises to help stoke creativity on a daily basis. Find people whose lives inspire us to try new things. (Hint: they don’t even have to be alive). Imagining different forms our ideas could take, mediums we haven’t even considered. We’ll blue sky and brainstorm and discover how ideas can mash up together and make new ideas.

Make Magic.

What’s it going to take? We’ll start by playing with some of our new ideas. Then plan a roadmap and set up a creative community that will support us into our future.

This all takes place at the Creativity Caravan, an incubator of creativity at 28 S. Fullerton Ave. in Montclair.

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