80 to 40: 52 Days!

Yeesh! Another wasted summer came to a close with me being as lazy as usual. But it’s a new month and heading into a new season so time to recommit myself!

Weight-loss goal is still to get under 200 by 10/22. 
Movement on the scripts hasn’t been much so I’m going to lower the goals this month and say that I’ll finish “The Cleanse” and “Fat Vampire” (a sit-com that I’ve already written but I want to switch the leads to female vampires.)
I keep coming up with new musical ideas so I want to actually record rough drafts of those and seek out singers and musicians to make them good. I doubt I’ll get around to make the videos this month but I’d like to, at least, get the rough draft for a few of these songs completed by the end of the month.

The One New Locale, One New Event a Week goal is going to carry on through the end of the year. I slowed down on it at the end of this month but it was a good way to get out and about. It also should be fairly easy to knock off this month since I have three weekend trips scheduled (Vegas, Arizona for Pats game, and San Fran) and I’ve already purchased tickets for a few events like Macbeth at the LA Opera.

I’d like to help out more in the community and the world in general or at least give money to the people who know how to help out so I’m going to make a pledge to keep track of how much money I spend on fantasy football, watching football, or booze and give that sum to charity at the end of the month.

And finally, I’d like to keep up with Medium more. I was also thinking about trying to go back to my old Courier Class blog but I might just stick with this since it’s easier and I won’t have the hacking issues (knock on wood) that I did with my blogs.

So here we go!