80 to 40: Day 78

A rather uneventful day came down to the choice of working out and writing or bar hopping. One glance at my phone’s fitness app and I noticed that I hadn’t reached my step count for the day which was all that was needed to convince me to hit the streets for a drink. Or two.

Cut to last call.

Last Call at The Escondite

Attack the Morning
Woke Up at:
Woke Up: In Bed
Internetted Until: 7:27
Weight: 214.6
Exercise?: Yes. Daily Burn’s “KB in 9" and some extra crunches.

Lesson Learned: Gonna have to digest the overall lesson of today a little bit longer but the minor lesson, which was more reinforced than learned, is that I’ll use just about any excuse to keep from working out. And that any distraction can steer me away from writing. Going to have to make correcting that a point of emphasis from here on out.

The Idea Merry-Go-Round: I have a ton of ideas banging around in my head and I often struggle to commit to one because I get side-tracked when another idea floats back into focus. 
Brought to the forefront by Ultimate Jam Night at the Whiskey were my Battle of the Bands idea and my JC/DC idea — a band that does Johnny Cash songs in the style of AC/DC or vice versa — which then morphed together into a third idea. 
For JC/DC (and yes, people thinking it stands for Jesus Christ/Devil’s Child is an issue), I’ve long held AC/DC’s “Landslide” is perfect for a Cash-style cover but, while waiting for the Metro yesterday, I concocted an AC/DC version of Folsom Prison Blues. I might reach out to my musical friends to see if they want to just toss ’em together with me (with them carrying most of the weight since I have no musical talent) so I can exorcise this JC/DC idea once and for all.

I then wondered if I should look into making a website called something like MashCity — Every month, we pick an idea like JC/DC and then bands can upload their attempts at it. People can upvote or downvote them. The prize depends on the sponsor; maybe the band gets to open with someone if we get a venue to sponsor it, maybe they get featured on YouTube if we work with Google, or maybe it’s just a way to help new bands get attention. I think there’s something there. Other options for mashups could be Dylan Divas (Female-led tracks in the nasally style of Bob Dylan or Dylan songs in girl-pop form) or ‘Ba Diddley (Bo Diddley and Abba.)

That brought me back to my original Battle of the Bands reality show idea. Start with two bands, give them three songs to perform at the end of the week: an original song of their own, a cover that we assign them, and then viewers can vote on an “Inspiration”, anything from a poem to a photo to a piece of yarn, that the band has to use as the inspiration for a new song. 
To flesh out the show, there would be packages built from filming the band writing/practicing/clashing over the songs, follow them on their typical day (be it life as a rocker or going to their day jobs), maybe give them a camera to film themselves. I haven’t completely figured out the set-up; a live show with the aforementioned pre-taped packages or judges talking to fill-in the soundcheck/band set-up time seems like the best bet.
But I should really finish writing “The Cleanse” instead of getting side-tracked by these projects for now. Although, it’s not like I’m focused on “The Cleanse” since I opted against writing and for…

The Bar Hop: The evening kicked off at Westbound, a new watering hole in the Arts District. Cool vintagey set-up, small patio that would be nice if you can get there in time to get the seats. All in all, a nice date spot but not sure I’ll make it a regular stop. 
Next up was Villains Tavern, which is always a fun time. Me and a couple dudes at the bar tried to figure out if the protective guy with the drunkenly dancing, scantily-clad sexy girl was her: a) boyfriend, b) gay friend, c) effeminate work friend who can’t pull the trigger to make a move. We all settled on B. Pink pants and the way he handled his phone while taking a picture were the kickers. So just know, when you wonder if people are watching you awkwardly attempt to take a photo, we are. And we’re judging. 
After that, I stopped by Resident but it was DJ night and not live music. Walked in and out of Wine Bar C (the appeal, apparently, is that the waitresses wear French maid outfits but that’s not enough to keep it from getting kicked OFF THE LIST!) Tried my favorite karaoke spot Tokyo Beat but it was DJ night. It was packed, which taught me that the AC at the Beat is lousy; felt like a sauna. 
Wolf & Crane continues to move to the top of The List. Good crowd, pretty girls, and the DJs there are always great. I had one of my usual moments of: Is that girl looking over here because she’s checking me out or she’s nervously glancing to see if I’m still staring at her? Which makes me look in her direction more often which makes it more likely to be the latter. 
 Ended the night at Escondite Bar, which is another solid spot. It was dead (again, no luck finding live music besides at Villains) but they had the only IPA I like, Tony Gwynn’s .394 from Alesmith, so it felt like a victory.

Ultimately, Day 78 wasn’t the most productive day but it did squeeze a fair amount of life out of it.